2017 Shanghai Art Fair ended with historical record turnover
2017-11-28 12:10:55

2017 Shanghai Art Fair ended on November 5th at Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center. This year the turnover is nearly 150 million yuan, the same as last years record.

In overseas galleries, large-scale theme sculpture "The Door of Creation" from Winn Slavin Gallery from the United States which was made for the Shanghai Art Fair 2017 was collected by art collectors.

The sales volume of the Korean gallery team reached 7 million; the painting of two Villers of the National Art Association of Spain and two pieces of Picasso"s sales reached nearly 2 million; the first exhibition of the Kristina Gallery in Germany was performed by the Shanghai Private Art Museum And middle-class families, all sold out; nearly half of Shang Sze"s art from Cambridge, England, was sold.

In the domestic art galleries, the works of three artists Sun Jiajuan, Wei Tai and Chen Qiang in the art space of Ka Ka Du continued to continue their hot sales in previous years. Geng Defa"s oil paintings acted by Chongqing Jin Se Gallery were sought after by collectors; Oil paintings sold for four days 55; Gu Long painting agency Chen Jinhu"s desires calligraphy works sold out; "Sichuan I like the same" most of the works exhibited in the exhibition; theme exhibition "Cheng Gu Kaixin ---- Lan Yi Shanghai Hand Volume Art Exhibition, "Zhu Xinchang, Bao Ying, Gan Yongchuan and other artists a total of eight works sold; three Taiwan gallery sales amounted to 3 million yuan; ceramic exhibition of small ceramic products are also popular sales.

This year is the "Year of the Chicken". Paintings made with "Chicken" as the theme of creation are favored by art consumers. Eight of the "Chickens" by the old artist Wang Yuanding are collected; the "Chicks" Sold more than 20 sheets.

From the transaction analysis, the Shanghai art market continues the trend of diversified needs. Various art styles and styles have their own consumption, collection groups and directions, and various needs coexist. Oil paintings and small sculptures are still the favorite of the people, and the purchase of works of art to decorate the home has become a major demand in the current art market.

The organizer of the Shanghai Art Fair said that Shanghai Art Fair will continue to bridge the gap between art consumers, collectors and art gallery agencies and will continue to introduce new initiatives to continuously promote the prosperity and development of the art market. For example, this year"s Art Fair launched a new brand - "Shanghai Art Week", next year will further expand the scale and content, invited to participate in the top galleries in Europe, Asia, invited Chinese and foreign heavyweight collectors to participate in Shanghai Art Expo brand into the new The vitality and style.

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