Shanghai Media Groups Brief

The Shanghai Media Group (SMG), under the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group (SMEG), is a multimedia television and radio broadcasting, news and Internet company. The group around 5,200 staff, with capital assets totaling RMB 11.7 billion.

Formed in 2001, SMG is the result of a merger between the Peoples Radio Station of Shanghai, East Radio Shanghai, Shanghai Television Station, Oriental Television Station.

SMGs core business is television broadcasting and related media entertainment services including sports, showbiz, performance arts, science and technology, and finance. The television broadcasting media consists of 11 analogue TV channels, 90 digital paid cable TV, a full broadcasting Internet TV service, along with 10 analogue and 19 digital radio services. The group also operates and owns 5 sports centers and 14 cultural art centers. Other areas of operation include newspapers, magazines, news websites and audio-visual publishing.

According to a survey of AC Nielsen, eleven of the groups TV channels have achieved a market share of 76% during prime time in 2003. Its revenue from advertising accounts for 10% of the commercial sales turnover in the local market. Being a producer and a publisher in the various fields of news, movies, TV series, music, sports, finance, entertainment and documentary, SMG is proactively pushing itself towards the domestic and international Chinese speaking market.

Through reinforcing financial initiatives, SMG is currently undergoing aggressive expansion into various new areas such as pay cable TV services, program patent sales, brand-related business and program innovation.

Shanghai Media Group
Add 298 Weihai Rd., Shanghai, 200041, China
T +86 21 62565899

Shanghai United Media Group

Shanghai United Media Group was established on October 28, 2013 through the merger of the citys two largest newspaper groups in order to accelerate media reform and capitalize on the fast growth of Internet media.

The merger of Jiefang Daily Group and Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group gave birth to the countrys largest newspaper company, SUMG, which will oversee the operation of Jiefang Daily, Wenhui Daily and Xinmin Evening News, three premier newspapers in Shanghai.

SUMG has become a powerful player in a market where readers and advertisers are moving away from traditional print media to digital media.

Add: 755 Weihai Road, Shanghai 
Tel:  0215292 1234
Postal Code: 200041

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